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missin the easy bay ... *sigh

yesterday was pretty... okay... we picked up Martin around like 10ish, came back here, grabbed the CD player & a CD then left for San Jose with my mom, dad, brother & Martin. I fell asleep on him on the way there.. we got to out tax ladie's house and my bro was playing 98.1 old school.. him & his old school.. and Martin freakin ripped off a pimple and it started bleeding.. freakin weirdo. Then we left to The Great Mall and went to eat. He started irritating me cause he was talkin bout watching "Dawn of the Dead" again. I dunno man, I hate scary movies but he's inisting that I watch this with him and get over my fear. Yeah, good luck with that thought. So he asked for a hug cause I was getting mad.. grrr he knows huggies make everything better.. cheater. Walked around, The Great Mall isnt as big as I use to think it was.. anyway we went into Aftershock & they had HELLA happy bunny stuff.. omg.. they had pillows, hella magnets, stuffed animals, backpacks, purses... and they had that "boys are smelly" stuffed animal and this new thing that's a crab and it says "i am shellfish" its soo cute. I was trippin out haha. Martin's all like "no, put the pillow down.. its gonna replace my monkey!" yeah right, nothing's replacing the monkey ♥ we were playing with those sex dice too I came up with "tease ear" and he came up with "touch breasts" those dice suck haha. Then we went into Hot Topic. They didnt have as much as they did last time I was there.. they had a comic book of Squee.. this one comic my friend Adam would always talk about. Squee's cute but I think its one of those deranged comics.. never actually read it. They had thongs, at hot topic.. and these dope steel toe boots haha. Then we went to Vans Skatepark & played DDR.. I hella forgot what was on fifth mix so I was kinda like "ahhhh okay we'll just play this I guess" five songs for a dollar.. swwweeeeet!! Okay anyway he survived longer then me in "if you were here" then we failed haha damn. Looked at the skateboards.. then went to.. another store, I forgot. Went to Linens N Things and I grabbed a duckie outta the basket... and the basket along with a few boxes under it fell and Martin was lookin at it and he hella just "SPILL ON ISAL SEVEN" haha but helped me pick it up and we played hoops with the duckies. I said something and he ran away from me so I ran after him and he was like "ok ok gimmie a hug" and I had a feeling he was gonna do something dumb but I couldnt see anything he'd do except move out the way and make me crash into the wall so I go give him a hug and right before I do he swats me in the head with a pillow from behind him and runs and I'm standing there all confused and shocked but laughing then he runs back and give a tight hug and tells me he loves me haha damn my baby's the damn dopeest. Found this soft ass display bed and he hella picked me up and threw me on it.. I hella sunk into the bed haha it was fuckin dope.

We left and went to Q-cup on the way home (FINALLY!! its been eight LONG months) and I got Peach milk tea which was hella fuckin good + q pop chicken.. best chicken in the world. And these two chicks were I guess lookin at Martin and he hella pulled me to him and gave a kiss haha okay? He shoulda holla'd at them =P yeah I'm weird. We were matching on accident too, it was funky. I had a dark blue tanktop & he had a dark blue wifebeater and we both had windbreakers with a white stripe down the middle.. but he had a black/yellow/gray shirt & I had a white one. But still haha crazy. He fell asleep on the way home, and I texted Joey cause I dunno. I was thinkin about the last time I went to Q - cup with him, Jon & Ray.. I miss those guys..

I got home & my mom was like "who's ray & jon?" and I was like "why?" and she was like "I found this on the door" and they fuckin wrote me a letter haha I felt sooo loved!! They're dorks.. haha Jon's all askin about his shirt and Ray's all like "I come visit you and you're not home" and at the bottom it goes "we love ya!!" haha you guys are uber cool. So I go to my room & find my boyfriend lookin like he's about to die laying in my bed cause it was hella hot.. poor baby. I go around lookin for Ray's cell number and finally get it from Nado haha. So I call Ray but he's about to leave & go home soon so he asked if I was doin nething tuesday. But yeah.. then I chilled with my boyfriend and stuff.

I was feelin dizzy cause I guess of the heat.. but it wasnt that sick dizzy, it was like everytime I closed my eyes or looked down. So I laid down cause my baby told me to so I'd feel better & we were just talkin about hella random stuff.. its dope how it doesnt bother him that I bitch about Jeff.. I dunno, it pisses me off when I think back to that time in my life. And how crazy it was that last year I always wrote in my journal talkin bout "I wonder if anyone out there thinks I'm different.. I wonder if anyone out there would accpet me for EVERYTHiNG I am" and Martin was there, sitting behind me sleeping in class while I was writing all that.. and I'd look behind me and watch him sleep for a minute and continue writing.. then try to find some dumb way to wake him up. Its just hella crazy. Then he shaved my legs haha yeah! Cause I shave them downwards and he was all talkin bout you can shave them upwards and I was like "nahuh" so he did, yeah I'd rather him do it cause I trust him, and if he slipped and accidently cut me then I wouldnt care. So he shaved my legs for me and they were HELLA smooth omg they were smooth. Felt like the first time I ever shaved.. ever. It was dope. He laid with me and gave me huggies cause I wasn't feeling good.. I swear my baby's so dope

We were talkin bout how if one of us died that would so gay cause we both know there's no one as dope as we are out there.. then my dog starts barking at nothing for no reason.. so we get up and I'm like looking where he's barking and there's nothing there.. there was no one outside.. I bent down to pet Jayzee and got hella dizzy so I went back to my room and laid down. Martin was all like "I know why he was barking" and I was like "why?" and he was like "I'm not telling you" and I was like "he seen a ghost" and Martin just stared at me. I thought dogs bark at ghosts just in general but I guess they just bark and bad spirits. Cause there's only one ghost I know that could be walking around this house which is my grandpa that lived with us, but I'm sure my dog never barked at him. I dunno, I got kinda scared to walk outside later that night.

I came home after dropping Martin off at 9:30, which was dope cause my mom hella extended our time by an hour and Martin hella wanted to leave on time so my mom would give us more 9:30's. Thats another thing I love about him, he respects what my mom says.. he respects my friends, he respects my bro.. its dope :) I love his mentality too.. but yea I fell asleep at 11 cause I felt like shit and woke up at 3AM and he didnt call.. weird.. but yeah.. he has training to go to today.. so yeah.. I guess I'm not gonna see him today :\ its okay though.. I need clean my room & finish my report.. yepp.. cyaaa

I love sour jelly belly beans
I love my boyfriend &herats;

_ I love how we strip down to our shorts & tanktops when we get home cause its so damn hot outside.
_ I love how he feeds me.
_ I love how he tells me to "hold on" when he gives me hugs when I'm laying down.
_ I love how I can trust him
_ I love how he trusts me
_ I love how he holds me when we sleep
_ I love how he wakes up and the first thing he does is give me kissies & tells me he loves me ♥
_ I love how he kisses me on the forehead unexpectedly
_ I love how we flirt with eachother like we're just friends
_ I love how we try to game eachother hehe
_ I love how he lets me use his deoderant... and how it smells good
_ I love how we can sit & watch tv for six hours and it'll feel like six minutes
_ I love how I can cuss at him & he'll laugh
_ I love how he takes care of me ♥
_ I love how we're into the same music
_ I love how we both do that stuff that other people wont do cause they'd feel stupid
_ I love how when one of us fails in DDR we go "hah you hella suck fuckin loser"
_ I love how I'm better then him in DDR!! Well for now at least...
_ I love how he shares damn near everything with me
_ I love his family ♥
_ I love how I can tell him anything about me & he wont look at me differently
_ I love how he accepts me for EVERYTHiNG I am
_ I love how he always seems like he wants to know more about me
_ I love reminiscing about us because our friendship&relationship is so good
_ I love how we walk to wal mart & back to his house
_ I love how he has faith in me
_ I love how he does dumb shit to get me to do things I have to do (like when acted like he was mad at me to get me to do my report.. fuckin poopie head hehe)
_ I love his "i dont care, i'll go" attitude when I ask him to come with me somewhere
_ I love how he dances sitting down with the shoulders & the look on his face.. its fuckin sexy!
_ I love how he knows how to c-walk hehe
_ I love the fact he's ghetto but a total dork
_ I love how he does shit for me all the time
_ I love how sometimes he can read my mind.. it could also be a bad thing though lol
_ I love how its "all for me" ♥
_ I love how he treats me sooo good
_ I love how hes always there for me
_ I love how he makes me laugh & smile everyday
_ I love kickin it with him, there's never really a boring moment with him
_ I love when he ACTS like a poopie head, its cute =P
_ I love how weird he is
_ I love how we're damn near the same
_ I love how when I'm sleeping he comes over to me and hugs me tight
_ I love watching him sleep
_ I love how he sings random songs just for the hell of it
_ I love how we use eachother's words
_ I love how we can have a real deep conversation outta nowhere & feel like it was the best day ever
_ I love how he tries to game me!!!
_ I love how he doesnt get jealous
_ I love how I don't get jealous lol
_ I love how he changed my life ♥
_ I love his hair haha its fuckin dope
_ I love how he doesnt give a fuck about how he looks.. I swear he looks fine in ANYTHiNG
_ I love how he tells me I'm beautiful everyday
_ I love how he thinks my eyes are dope
_ I love how we spend everyday together
_ I actually love that I'm attached to him
_ I love how he sticks out his tounge & expects me to kiss the tip


Damn, I'm sprung off my own boyfriend =)


martin babe, are you my pretend girlfriend?
hazel surreeee.. i dunno why you'd think that though
martin cause you're too good to be true
hazel ahhh you cheated *looks out the window*
martin maybe i shouldnt try to game my girlfriend..

ahhhhhhhhhh *smiles for days* yeah we try to game eachother.. don't ask why, we're just different.. we're the couple you never thought existed! Haha. I love my baby <3
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