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we were meant to live for so much more

boys treat girls like toys... men treat women like queens
and I gotta man!
- hazel

Yeah I came up with that quote a few days ago. I have no idea why or how, but it just popped into my head.. anyway today was kinda unexpected.. I woke up & talked to my baby, took a shower and called him back and it was hella weird cause I was thinkin about what would happen if me & Martin broke up.. and he was talkin bout "its pretty dope cause I know if we did break up not only would we be friends, but most likely we'll get back together" and that's what I was thinking too. But yeah then he had to go to his training thing so I thought I was gonna spend the day alone.. I chilled with my bro for a lil bit, went online and took a nap.. and woke up feelin pretty good, not shitty dispite it was hot when I woke up.. right when I woke up I heard the doorbell ring & I was all thinkin that would be dope if it was Martin but I had a feeling it wasnt, I looked to see who it was anyway since no one else was answering the door. Then again it was just me & my bro at home.. and it was my baby.. that was weird..

I opened the door and kinda just stared at him.. half cause he looked hella fine and half cause I was still trying to figure out how he got there.. and I was like "what are you doing here?" and he was all saying that the training was at the Holiday Inn which is kinda down the street & around the corner from me but its kinda far.. and you have to pass though the crest so I was like o_O you walked thru the crest lookin like that? We chilled for a while.. he took a nap while holding me, damn it felt good.. and he told me about some chick who was jockin him.. I was like "why didnt you go talk to her?" and he looks at me like I'm dumb and hes like "cause I'm in love.. and devoted.. I couldn't even talk to another girl" I'm like *blush* heh. I feel uber special :D

We sat there eating swedish fish candy and he finally took it away from me and asked me to come with him to go make something to eat. Man.. clam chowder & rice taste soo good!! He was hella feeding it to me hehe. Then we just chilled some more, talked and stuff.. I like chillen with him.. its relaxing, seriously. Talked about personal shit.. and he was all like "you learn something new everyday... like how much your boyfriend loves you" :) hes so dope. He was all asking "dont you ever wonder if there's someone who'd accept you for everything?" and I was like "yea, all the time" oh yea, ALL the time.. and I found that person.. man life couldn't be any more perfect.. okay so there's still that car and job thing.. but yeah, you feel me.. you know you do!!

Anyway, my baby just called so I gotta bounce... peaceasy :)
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