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sup homie g funk cuddie ...WHAT IS IT!! =)

dang, long time no update. no i didn't forget about this place.. sometimes i wish i never stopped writing in this journal just because someone didnt like the meaning behind this username. blah. i shoulda just lied & said it meant something else.. gosh the stupid mistakes i made those horrible six months. OKAY ON TO HAPPIER THOUGHTS!

what's been going on with me lately?

- I graduated early, now I'm just waiting for graduation which is around the corner *ahhh* Marty's mom is making me wear a dress cause they plan to take us somewhere nice after grad, its coo cause HE has to dress nice too so HA!

- I got a new job :) it might not be the BEST job ever, and half the time I might hate it.. but MOST of my co-workers are awesome, I get paid $7 / hour, and I'm not really doin shit.. downside is that I work about 8 hours a day.. but I only work sat & sun.. plus I pull in about $200 a pay check.. plus shared tips =) hi my name's Hazel and I serve ice cream for a living haha I crack myself up!

- I'm engaged since yesterday :) I couldnt be any HAPPiER. Foreal foreal. Apperently its up to me to plan the whole wedding as well, and yes I proposed to him cause we made a deal, since he asked me out I had to propose its only fair lol yah we're weird so what?! But he's gonna propose back to me too like he said "if i gotta wear a ring, so do you!" fine with me :)

- life's been pretty good, i've been getting closer & closer to Marty's family since I go down there everyday after work to get foot massages, relax time, change into Marty's big clothes and watch tv with my baby in my arms.. Marissa calls me Ate LOL cute.

- my family drives me crazy sometimes. my dad still pisses me off over small shit, my mom's slowly letting me do what i want.. slow & steedy wins the race.. lol

i dunno what else has been going on, that's pretty much it.. my other LJ's gonna expire soon.. poop. then again its been paid for the passed six months. hmm.. I'm thinking of getting DSL soon, and maybe pay for another paid LJ account.. I dont really feel like staying with that one, but there's too many entries I cant just transfer.. they really should allow you to do that though. BLEH!
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