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a day in the city with my hubby <3

my dad has his anniversary date engraved in his ring sept 28, 1970 yesterday was their 26th wedding anniversary, but would it still be happy if neither of them has remembered their own anniversary for the passed 19 years? i feel bad for my dad at times because my mom doesnt care about her own anniversary, but i'm sure he does... but there's not much he can do.. happy anniversary mom & dad..

yesterday was one of the best days i've had in a few months now. i picked up martin and he gave me a burrito for breakfast, aww thanx babe<3 and we caught the 9AM ferry to frisko.. after i bought my sparkling cider lol. my dad was like "what if your uncle isnt there?" and i was like "uhm, isnt that him over there?" haha. stupid. so i said whassup to my uncle and he was talking to my dad too and they were talking about how my cousin James got married & my uncle bill was like "yah hazel should have went, she would had learned something.... that you have to say 'i do'" har har lol so i got on the ferry.. my uncle's cool though, even if he does make fun of me.. all the time.. lol.

my baby was being super lovey dovey all morning.. talkin about how much he loves me and how he dreams & daydreams about holding me all the time cause it feels good and how he went to sleep happy the night before thinking about me. heh its amazing, pretty much nine months later and we're still hella in love =)

we got to the city, i said bye to my uncle and he was like "you know, your dad tells me you're engaged.. are you?" and i was like "BYE UNCLE!" and left haha. we didnt really know where to go, so we just walked.. i went to citibank to check my account.. and found nothing useful.. so i have to find my citibank code & call the company again. oh well, we got some good candy out of it lol. we walked to this other spiffy candy store & babe let me buy some candy =) then to this book store.. and we kept walking til we hit virgin records. the walk wasnt that far. it was kinda nice too, since it was cold outside.

i took him to union square and we stopped at the chocolate store ( and about all the other ones in the city lol ) got the caramel filled sample mmM. and went into a few christmas stores, looked around.. then i took him to Cheesecake Factory & talked him into letting us eat lunch there =) we went to the big ass Disney store and i took him to Pan Pacific Hotel.. where i had prom, gross. then we went to eat at the resturant.. we ate outside dispite the birds.. and i got a strawberry shortcake =) my babe's the best.

thennnn... we went to macy's and martin had this great idea to let M.A.C put make up on me.. so i got my eyes did and the girl was all asking me why dont i wear makeup & how long have me & martin been together.. i liked it, makes me wanna wear makeup lol. then i got my lips done and we went to Metreon to take some webcam pics heh. after that we laid on the grass in the yerbu buena garden.. the sun was coming out so that was really nice too.

uhmm.. then we caught the F and went to peir 39. we went to gap first, then ended up walking down the street.. and we bought a black n mild .. vanilla cherry flavored and walked back to the peir where i usually watch the sunset on the steps behind the arcade and we smoked it. it wasnt that good, shoulda went for the vanilla instead... went to the candy store and didnt buy anything blah. lol. played ddr, walked around.. then we ate dinner.. clam chowder and wrezel's pretzel's with cheese mMm. we always end a day in frisko off like that <3

we walked around for a bit and my baby stole me some candy haha but it wasnt the kind i liked so i ate his haha. and was just walked around.. then back to the peir, bought another cup of clam chowder and waited for the ferry. man, on the ferry there were these old people hella watching us.. wtheck? irritating! then i dropped him off and went home and ended up falling asleep while talking to him since i was really tired.. and yeah, that was my day =)

now today, sucks. lol. really. but i'm sure none of you care about how much my life sucks, so yeah.

see what happens when you run out of poses?

you cant really tell, but i have makeup on oOooh. lol

yeah seriously, his kisses always make me smile.. esp if they're stolen =)

M.A.H.A.L .. REAL & TRUE love <3 ... damn that glare though

mMm and the beautiful forehead kiss =)
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