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i really need to fix my sleeping pattern..

You know the question "I wonder what I was doing today last year" always pops into my head, but you know.. for the next few months I know exactly what was going on that day last year. I was stuck in a horrible relationship that made me miserable day after day until it finally ended. Nothing but crying and bad arguements between me and my so called boyfriend. He might as well just had beat me while he was at it. Geez. Now thanks to you I'm fuckin tramatized about certain things in relationships & I think everyone has a secret layer of psychoness. Yah happy Jeff? You fucked it all up for me. You fuckin faggot. Why don't you just take a nice long stroll down Castro and get it up the ass since you like that shit you fuckin queershit.

*Breathes* I really need to calm down sometimes.

In other news this LJ needs a serious makeover. I haven't touched this shit in damn near a year. I guess I'm just a bit lazy mixed in with a lil layout block. I'm tired of the usual style I've been using since back in my DJ days. But I'm not really up for tweakin codes & discovering new things at the moment. My poor little brain can't take it on days I don't get enough sleep.

I need to stop sleeping at 3AM & waking up at 8 to take meds. Geez. But I hate sleeping early if I don't have to. Whoo, whatever shall I do? Woe is me ha-ha

I'm a bit bitter towards life because of my dearest mother, oh how parents can be so mean. But hey, no sense in bitchin about it.. that's just how the cookie crumbles.

Now I'm off to do better things & chop it up with my boyfriend's uncle since I've got a lot of questions to ask him LOL.
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Are you gonna be alright?
Lol yeah I'll be alright, why do you ask?