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early update.

I'm sittin here listening to Fefe Dobson.. it sucks I can't bring myself to like her much since she like dedicated one of her songs to MY boyfriend. I seem to dispise everything she likes if its something I start liking. Ugh, I need to stop doing that. Anyway I'm previewing a bunch of songs off Windows Media Player even though the quality is shitty. It takes a good second to download. I wish I had DSL.

Its 8:59AM I was suppose to DL some songs & go back to sleep.. but I think I'm pretty awake now, which sucks cause I'll be sleepy later while the boyfriend plays Diablo & I'm bored as fuck.

I wanna chill with my homegirls. I'm getting so tired of being in this house! I've been here all week because of my wisdom teeth. I need to practice driving, my driving test is coming up soon... hopefully I pass this time oh I hope I hope I hope.

I'm not sure if I got fired or if I quit my job yesterday. It sucks working for Filipinos they don't ever let you quit & when you finally do they make it look like they fired you. How dumbfuck like of them. So she said something about they got someone else to work my position not sure if its foreal or for training but she said that all the managers agreed to it since I couldnt "handle the load and I wasn't fast enough" well hellloooooooo you try making 20 halo halo's, 15 buko pandan's and 10 shakes ALL AT THE SAME TIME with everyone bitchin about they want their shit now kinda drives you insane after a while. Fuck filipinos. Fags. I'm not being racist. I'm filipino myself. Unfortunatly.

*Drops head on desk* God my life is such a mess right. When do things get to the smooth sailing part?
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