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i'm a happy babe =)

I had an awesome conversation with my boyfriend last night. Happy times =D it would have been even more awesome if his phone wasnt dying & we could have talked for longer, but its okay. It was one of those conversations that make me smile after we hang up & I go to sleep smiling like how it use to be. It was a really nice feeling.

Today I woke up at like noon. Late, I know. And my dad left to go fix the tire for the car since you know, I crashed into the curb earlier this month. But he still has to get the tire aligned. Geez, did I really fuck it up that bad? Anyway, I took a shower, ate and got ready to go to Martin's house around 3:30. I got there, opened the door & let myself in lol. No one cared. Awesome. His cousin was on the couch & Marissa showed me what she got him for his bday, his mom spotted me and was like "Hazel, come here". I went to the room where Martin was playing Diablo and his mom was with the baby cause she was sleeping. Ahh felt so good to be with him again. Smiles & shyness haha. Three days and it feels like brand new?! =)

We watched Hellboy which is a pretty funny movie.. chilled online & watched tv. Had tons of babe time, ate dinner which was Popeyes =D and his dad was all like "why are you eating on top of the bag?" and I was like, feeling stupid haha. Then we went to watch more tv. I watched midnight love & they have dope songs on there now.. watched Daria, Comic View.. I love direct tv, I wish I had it haha. I should go to his house more often to watch tv haha.

He was all telling me how fine I look when I smile & how he wonders why he's with me. Psh please, I'm not THAT pretty lol. I always wonder why I'm with him; Mr. I've got so much game I game a girl with just say hi. Except you know, he's telling the truth lol. Kinda scary sometimes.. anyway, and he was just being all sweet to me & stuff. Gah I love him so much & I missed being with him.. and he was telling me how much he missed me.. =)

I think I'm bleach my hair at his house tomorrow. Yay for black, red & purple hair lol. Its gonna be awesome. Well I gotta go call my baby now & finish my apple dippers ♥

Martin I wouldnt mind spending every day, waiting in the rain with my babe
Hazel *giggles*
Martin aww, you don't like my songie

while singing along to Maroon 5's "she will be loved" on MTV =P
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