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yay fixed

I fixed the bg for this.. I got tired of knowing it was a broken image. I fixed up Martin's xanga too because of "broken images". I needa pee, I'm bored, I'm lazy.. I ran into some old school pictures .. memories .. yea okay I'ma play Sims Busting Out now.. Martin's gonna take our PS2 away when he comes back ;(

the banner of us I made for my xanga lol

oOh. lifesaver lol

in my ading Marissa's room

he's my bestfriend & the perfect boyfriend ♥

look at him.. playin FFXI, lookin like a loser.. luvin it LOL

meeeeeeeee hiyeee

the best hat in the world & my beautiful mickey ring chillen on an important finger lol

pretty self explainatory

a week or so after Martin cut my hair..
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